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Delivery of SIM cards «CallMeFree» by a courier
Courier delivery is carried out within Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.
(delivery to other towns of Russia is carried out by post).
Delivery prices:
1.     Within the city limits Saint-Petersburg- FREE
2.     Within the limits of Leningrad region – depending of distance
From 0 km to 49 km – 100 roubles
From 50 km to 99 km- 150 roubles 
            From 100 to 149 km -250 roubles
            From 150 km to the borders of Leningrad region -350 roubles
Post delivery
Post delivery is carried out over all the territory of Russia by cash on delivery (Saint-Petersburg- courier delivery only)
Time of delivery: Pay attention! This way of payment (delivery) works only within the Russian Federation.
You pay for your order on delivery by post. This way of delivery suits those who cannot use the service of our couriers because they are far from Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. As delivery is carried out by «Post of Russia» (not express delivery) the average time of delivery is from 10 to 14 days.
Besides, when you pay for your order on delivery at the post-office, post service will take its commission. The sum of the commission depends on the total price of the order. For example if the price of your order including the price of delivery is 700 roubles the commission will be approximately 45 roubles.

Delivery time:
-if the order is made through site it is delivered next day after the order is received
-Before delivery of your order we shall contact you to find out details of order.

You can appeal to the subscriber department of our company about all questions concerning making order and delivery by telephone number ( 812) 971-5353.