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Technical support
Daily technical support of subscribers
The company «CallMeFree» carries out technical support of subscribers. The service of technical support of subscribers works daily, round the clock. Only those subscribers who are already connected should apply to technical support, and only about technical questions concerning CallMeFree functioning.
Technical support has no opportunity to answer different questions of subscribers. Before applying to technical support try to find an answer to your questions in the section «Questions that are often asked». This section will help you to understand your problem yourself.
Anytime you can get an answer to your questions calling by number 8 (812) 971-5353.
You can send your wishes, proposals, commentaries, questions by e-mail info@callmefree.ru
During working hours you can also address the central office of the company «CallMeFree» using telephone numbers given in contacts.
Ring up, we are always ready to help you.